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Protect your business post-flood

We recently spoke with Hayden Reed, NTI’s Mobile Plant and Equipment Risk Engineer, to discuss what businesses with equipment need to know post-flood.  Hayden highlights three critical considerations: Equipment inspection, site inspections, and safe access.

Equipment Inspections: Before commencing daily activities, inspect your machinery and clear all mud and flood debris in and around belly plates, tracks, engines and hydraulic compartments. 

This inspection should include air filters, fuel filter water traps and hydraulic reservoirs. 

We recommend taking oil and fuel samples if you see watermarks above any service points. Test them before start-up to prevent contamination damage. 

Site Inspections: The site where a machine operates plays a significant role in risk management, particularly after floodwaters have receded. Both the machine and the operator could be placed in harm’s way if the site has not been properly assessed.

Before any works commence, inspect the site for hazards. 

Look for downed and overhead power lines, fallen trees, and visual undermining of surrounding buildings. Also, inspect pre-flood works such as trenches and compacted grounds.

Checking for these key hazards can assist in preventing major perils and help minimise operator harm and equipment damage or loss. 

Safe Access: Safe access can be evaluated on most sites using similar methods. For every location, consider: 

  • Can machinery move to and from allocated work areas unrestricted?
  • Could any areas demobilise equipment (for example, because of water inundation)? 
  • Check all waterways, including creeks, rivers and dams, for bank collapse.
  • Grease all joints to ensure water and debris are purged. 
  • Is there safe access for product movement around the site?
  • Will light vehicles be moving on and around the site, and if so, is access safe?
  • Are all haul roads and vehicle access roads clear and serviceable?
  • Will traffic control be needed?

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