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Our Team

Repair Managers

From diesel mechanics to construction managers, our Australia-wide team of expert Repair Managers are a varied bunch. What they do have in common though is dedication to help customers get back to business as quickly and painlessly as possible following a claim.

What exactly does a Repair Manager do? 

If you experience a claim you will be assigned a Repair Manager to help you until your claim is resolved. The Repair Manager will look after the assessment and repair of your vehicle or machinery, and keep you in the loop every step of the way. Every day, the team is working with repair workshops, manufacturers, parts suppliers and more to help get you back to business faster. 

So, get ready to meet the crew; our Repair Managers.

Manuel ‘Manny’ Renu

Repair Manager, Sydney. Manny has been with NTI and now Yellow Cover for almost a decade. Prior to that he worked for Mercedes Benz, starting as an apprentice diesel mechanic 20 years ago. Manny’s expertise in tractor repairs is a huge advantage for Yellow’s rural clients. 

Peter ‘Froggy’ Frommolt

Repair Manager, Brisbane. With 25 years experience as a hands-on mechanic and 15 years at NTI there isn’t much Peter doesn’t know about earth moving equipment. Peter’s depth of knowledge and dedication to the job benefits Yellow clients every day.

Andrew Brennan

Repair Manager, Melbourne. A mechanical technician by trade, Andrew’s broad experience ranges from cars all the way up to prime movers and earth movers. Working at Caterpillar prior to Yellow he serviced construction and mining machines. Andrew says earth movers are his passion and he wouldn’t be working anywhere else.