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Andrew Brennan

Andrew Brennan

Repair Manager, Melbourne.

A mechanical technician by trade, Andrew’s broad experience ranges from cars all the way up to prime movers and earth movers. Working at Caterpillar prior to Yellow he serviced construction and mining machines. Andrew says earth movers are his passion and he wouldn’t be working anywhere else.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Today I looked at three prime movers, a bulldozer that caught fire and then a trailer. The other day it was an excavator with hydraulic pump failure and another one that hit a tree. Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time and it’s my job to fix the situation for clients as soon as possible.

How does your knowledge and experience benefit clients?

My knowledge definitely speeds things up for the client. I had a case a few weeks ago where a machine was stolen, damaged and recovered. While it was still in the police compound, I went and had a look at it, took photos and sent them straight to the dealer so we got a quote from the visual. That meant everything was in place so as soon as it was released by the police, we were able to get the repairs done straight away. Within the week it was back to the client. If I’d waited until it was out of police compound it would’ve been a further week or so. With my experience I can make the assessment and get a quote through quickly. I know what to look for and which parts will be needed.

Best part of the job?

I enjoy using my knowledge and experience to get a better result for our insured customer and the reward of being able to deliver faster than they were anticipating. If the client has had experience with other insurers, they are usually pleasantly surprised at how fast we move. The company itself is also really great to work for, Yellow is very supportive and family orientated which is important to me.

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